‘Think Like It’s 1620’ How To

This page is for believers only! If you believe in cleaning up Cape Cod, read on!

Instructions for Litter / Marine Debris Clean Up Sheets

The linked Datasheet has two pages: one strictly for beach and shoreline clean ups and the other for wooded areas and roadsides.

Through discussion, we’ve learned that there are three ways to document how much and what type of litter is being found here on Cape Cod.

Any of these, or other, methods work just fine. If you use Clean Swell, our group name is Take Care Cape Cod (four separate words, with spaces). Please be sure to email your confirmation email to hello@takecarecapecod.org so we can count your work!

While we’d like to document every single piece of litter, we’re more concerned with getting it picked up, so if you don’t want to itemize every item, please feel free to group what you find into these major categories:

  • Food Related Trash
  • Fishing Related Trash
  • Smoking Related Trash
  • Personal Hygiene Trash
  • Construction Related Trash
  • General Trash

Thank you for your help in getting and keeping the Cape clean. Remember, Think like it’s 1620!

Watch this great video on Clean Swell to learn more: